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Pricing & Process

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The Animation Process

Creating a minute-long explainer animation generally takes about a month.
In a hurry? Let us know and we may be able to help.

1. In our initial phone meeting(s) we discuss the project.
2. You'll decide whether we are to develop your script with your input or you would like to write it with our input.
3. An initial agreement covering cost and schedule is created and approved.
4. We discuss your project further, and we receive any relevant materials.
5. The script is written.
6. The script is approved, or amended as needed, then approved.
7. We develop a storyboard (see a sample on this page).
8. Once your storyboard is approved, we'll send you actors' demos for approval of voice talent.
9. We present a rough preliminary animation with the voice-over and music track. You provide feedback, requesting any necessary changes.
11. The animation if refined and finalized.

Note: Changes made to a previously approved stage will be billed hourly.


Pricing will vary depending on your requirements. On the low end are straightforward video scribes in one or two colors. We can also create full color videos which include some 2D animation, live video, and a variety of post production effects. Generally the fee for a one minute video runs between $1,500 and $2,500, depending what you require. Contact us to discuss finding the right style to meet your needs and budget.